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Cancellation Policy


Cancel anytime for a 100% refund



Anytime before 3 days before the booking: 100% Refund

Within 3 days of the booking: 50% Refund


What sort of things does my dog(s) need when boarding?

We have kennels, so just a dog bed or blanket that smells like home, their food, and any medication with written instructions on amount/frequency, and a copy of recent vaccinations (a picture can also be text messaged in case printer access is difficult).

How will I know how my dog(s) is doing while I'm away?

We love taking pictures of pups and will happily text you with updates!

My dog hasn't been able to socialize much. Is it safe to be around other dogs?

How many dogs will be with my dog?

This number fluctuates! During holidays and busy seasons, we can host a maximum of 15 dogs. One thing that sets us apart from other places is that we value personalized attention to dogs and strive to give dogs the type of love and care that we do for our own pups.

For anxious dogs, we do require a meet and greet to asses whether our place is a good fit for your dog's needs. More often than not, we've been able to negotiate a safe and pleasant experience for dogs who may need space away from other dogs and more one-on-one attention.

We're first timers and have a 4+ night stay coming up - how do we prepare?

We LOVE our long term guests! If it is your first time staying with us for a long-term booking, we do require a daycare visit or an overnight PRIOR to the long-term booking. This is required for a few reasons - we first need to see if we're a good fit for your pup and his/her needs. Secondly, we've learned that dogs who are familiar with our home ahead of a longer stay tend to have reduced anxiety-related behaviors and enjoy a more comfortable stay. Lastly, it gives us a chance to learn more about your pup's needs.

How do holidays work?

During the months of July, November, and December, we do require bookings to be confirmed and paid for in order to reserve a spot for these months. Clients get a full refund if they cancel by noon 3 days before the stay starts. After that, they get a 50% refund on the first 7 cancelled days and 100% refund on any days after that.

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