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Rock Hill Pet Care offers a range of options to fit every pup's needs, whether they prefer privacy or love to romp and play with a large group. Safety and communication are our top priorities, and we personally assess the personality and play style of every dog to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all. Dogs are fed as close to their home routine as possible, and medication administration is available if needed, providing a seamless and comfortable stay for your furry friend.


Our 1200-square foot kennel building is just steps away from the main house. Your pups will enjoy their own personal kennel in clean, spacious kennel rooms that are both heated and cooled for their utmost comfort. These two quiet rooms promote rest and relaxation after a fun-filled day of playing with new friends. The kennel rooms are well-equipped for safety with on-call emergency smoke detectors, a backup generator in the event of a power outage, and staff-accessible cameras for safety. The building is spray-foam insulated to keep outside noise to a minimum, perfect for recharging for the next play session.


Pups absolutely love the sunroom! Your canine companion will enjoy a clean, spacious sunroom attached to the main house, providing a cozy, heated, and cooled environment. The sunroom hosts only six dogs maximum, which offers privacy and quiet away from the larger group, making it ideal for shy dogs or those with medical needs. The sunroom is equipped with its own smoke and carbon monoxide detector, and staff-accessible cameras for safety. The sunroom kennels have access to a private paddock, with the option for pups to join the larger group for playtime if they prefer.

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