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Cat boarding can be stressful for cats, causing anxiety and discomfort in unfamiliar surroundings. We provide a peaceful and calming environment designed to soothe even the most sensitive felines. With gentle care, quiet spaces, and familiar comforts, your cat will feel right at home.


Each cat family enjoys their own private room, ensuring both safety and comfort. This personalized space helps reduce stress by mimicking the familiarity of home, allowing your cats to relax and feel secure. We provide attentive care, ensuring a peaceful and pleasant stay for every feline guest.


We prioritize cleanliness and comfort by providing sanitized food and water bowls, and provide dust-free cat litter in each cat family room. We frequently change cat litter to maintain a fresh and hygienic environment and your cats will always have access to fresh food and water, ensuring they stay well-nourished and hydrated throughout their stay.

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